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New for June 16, 2010:

A link to an archived radio interview has just been posted.

I have been up-dating www.BioDiverseGardens.com in anticipation of some up-coming presentations in the Pacific North West. The following pages are new or up-dated: Harvest's Gardening Bio, Book Signings, Gardening for Food Security, and Garden Consultations.

I still have a little more work to do on BioDiverseGardens, but then I will be right back here finishing some much needed up-dates to this site. Meanwhile, you can always catch up with me on FaceBook.

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On going Transitions . . .

Call it a mid-life crisis if you like . . . I am currently living in Lake County California--it is a bit of an experiment; but so far I am enjoying the people and the countryside. I am now working on polishing up a five page article on one of the environmental threats facing all of us, and what we can do to turn it around. Also nearly done is a new power point presentation on Gardening for Food Security. When they are ready to share you will find information on: www.BioDiverseGardens.com.


are a poet’s playthings
the reviewer’s rivets
a writer’s wrenches

each one has a history
stretching back into the misty past
born of an idea
a moment communicated
with gesture
body language
facial expression

the sound became distinct
and then divergent
shared across cultures
growing in meaning
from vague
to precise
and back to inexact

they met with quills
printing presses
radio waves
the internet

eventually they came
to my ears
my voice
my fingers
and i was blessed with


Copyright 2007 Harvest McCampbell

Photo: Mount Konocti at sunset
Photo Copyright Harvest McCampbell 4.19.10. Mt. Konocti at sunset. Lake County California


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Harvest McCampbell

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